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Over the years we’ve invested heavily in technology to help reduce the time and energy it takes to pick, clean and deliver our healthy products to you. The end result is better for the environment, and better for you.


We are committed to providing the highest quality product to you every day, starting with an obsessive demand for food safety. After harvesting, our products are thoroughly washed, chilled and packed to maintain maximum freshness and safety standards. We use our proprietary SmartwashTM system to wash and clean our produce before it is processed to ensure we are providing the highest quality, delicious products to all our customers.
Quality Standards

Quality Standards

GSF Fresh NZ are committed to providing consistently highest levels of Food Safety and Quality performance for our customers. This includes:
  • Global GAP audited contracted growers
  • SmartWashTM patented Technology
  • Intelex Software Platform for EHSQ Management
  • GFSI SQF Certified
  • McDonald’s SQMS Certified
  • Subway Global Food Standard Certified
  • Woolworths Approved Supplier

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We’re a company built on strong foundations with roots that run deep. We source the best local produce while looking after the environment, so that it keeps looking after us all.